Dating Tips for Single Men

Even a confident guy can use some advice when it comes to a first date. Consider these quick dating tips.

Dating Tips for Single Men
Men often tend to think they know it all, especially when it comes to dating, but they really don't know everything. A few basic tips can make dating much easier and maybe even help you find that special someone. While they won't guarantee instant romance, they can help increase your success rate.
Hygiene and Timeliness
Guys often don't think much about grooming, but if you're going to date, you need to start. Shower, shave and pop a breath mint before you arrive. Wear nice clothes, especially on a first date. They needn't be formal, but a collared shirt and a decent pair of slacks sends the right signals. Take steps to be on time or even a little early if you can manage it. Showing up late implies that you don't care about her, while an on-time arrival tells her how important you consider this date to be.
It always pays to be a gentleman on a date. Hold the door open for her and get the car door when she arrives. Treat her with courtesy and be polite and accommodating to those around you as well. Be prepared to pick up the tab at the end of the evening, but don't object if she insists on going Dutch. You don't want to look cheap, but neither do you want to infer that she can't pay for her own meals. While a goodnight kiss is often expected, don't plan on sleeping with her after the first date, and don't make overtures along those lines if you intend to keep seeing her.
When preparing for a date, think about the things you might like to talk about beforehand. Be ready to discuss interesting things about your life, but prepare some questions to ask her as well. Listen to her when she talks, and don't keep steering the conversation back to yourself. Stay away from hot-button topics like religion and politics, at least on the first date. Be honest when you talk about yourself--don't try to hide or disguise anything--but exercise caution before discussing ex's and other sensitive topics. Honesty should apply to compliments as well. Say nice things about her. Everyone loves flattery, but make sure your comments come from a truthful place or else they will sound disingenuous. Practice makes perfect in this arena. The more you work on it, the better a conversationalist you will be.
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