Vol.2, No.4
School Choices for Children

What to look for in a preschool

How to start homeschooling

5 advantages of private school

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The School Choices for Children Issue

 A Letter From The Editor

The perfect school for a child is an important and variable decision. Different children need certain things out of a school, whether it be more challenging coursework or the camaraderie of a sports team. The most obvious differences in school choice lie between public, private and homeschooling. This issue is dedicated to helping parents make that choice, and their next decisions as well about school district or curriculum options. A parent's involvement in their child's education can make all the difference in assuring a healthy and successful life for that child. I'd like to wish all parents the best of luck in their decisions.


Patricia Meyer
HappyNews Editor

 School Choices for Children : Table of Contents

» How to make a difference at your child's school » How to choose the best public school » 5 tips for making the first day of school less stressful » What to look for in a preschool » How to decide if home schooling is right for your child » What to expect when your child joins a school sports team » Preparing a teen to graduate high school » How to make the change from public to home schooling » How to tell if public school is right for your special needs child » How to start homeschooling » What is unschooling? » 5 advantages of private school