Maintain your Ride

Maintain your Ride

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 A Letter From The Editor

You might have seen the television show “Pimp My Ride” where viewers with average automobiles turn to a team of experts for a motor makeover. Many of the transformations are ridiculous, with viewers driving away in playgrounds on wheels. You might not be interested in pimping your ride with neon lights or racing stripes or a television screen in the dashboard, but surely you are interested in maintaining the functionality of your car. Maintain your ride with help from our contributors. The articles they’ve written for this issue of Happy Living will help you to inspect your car, install an alarm, replace the brakes, fix a door, clean the carpet, and better understand your engine.


Emily Johnson
HappyNews Editor

 Maintain your Ride : Table of Contents

» Best Way to Clean Car Carpet » How to Inspect a Used Car » What's Wrong With the Brakes on My Car? » How to Replace a Car Bumper » How Does Trading in Your Car Work? » How to Drive a Standard Car » How Does a Car Engine Work? » How Do Car Brakes Work? » About Car Insurance » How To Replace Car Brakes » Facts About Car Tires » How to Fix a Squeaky Car Door » Why Does My Car Shake When Driving? » Troubleshooting Car Audio Systems » Car Detailing Tips & Tricks » How to Use a Car Battery Charger » Custom Car Audio Installations