Why Does My Car Shake When Driving?

Why Does My Car Shake When Driving?
You want a smooth ride in your car, but mechanical problems can lead to shaking. Frequently, the cause is the suspension or tires. If they're out of adjustment, the car will handle poorly and shake under some conditions, like reaching a certain speed. If the brake rotors are warped, the car might shake when you slow down. Engine problems can also make a car shake.
The suspension of the car has several parts that need adjusting. If they're out of adjustment, the car may shake when moving.
Wheel Balance
Tires and wheels need to be balanced; otherwise they'll wobble and vibrate when spun at high speeds. If a tire's out of balance, the car will shake when you reach a particular speed, such as 55 mph. If it's a front tire, the steering wheel will shake.
During winter in some areas, frozen slush can build up on the wheels, putting them out of balance. If a warm garage or car wash isn't handy, you can get the ice off with a plastic scraper.
Lug Nuts
Though it rarely happens, if the lug nuts on a wheel are loose, it will wobble and shake the car. Check to see that all are appropriately tight.
If the car shakes when you step on the brakes, warped rotors might be the cause.
Poor ignition may cause the car to shake when the engine's slow or idling. When the engine runs faster, the problem is less noticeable, but it returns when you slow down again.
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