Car Detailing Tips & Tricks

Car Detailing Tips & Tricks
Jade, Morguefile
Car detailing adds a polished look to a vehicle with little nuances to make the car look very clean. Here are some car detailing tips & tricks used by the same folks who detail vehicles for car shows.
Always detail your car in the shade to prevent waxes and sprays from drying too quickly on the surfaces of the car.
Use white vinegar and newspaper instead of window cleaner and paper towels to clean car windows.
Acid Rain
Remove acid rain from windows by soaking a rag with vinegar and placing it on the spot for 10 minutes.
Door Ends
Wipe around all door ends--inside the trunk and hood, and inside of the rocker panels--to prevent transferring dirt to your clothing when entering and exiting the car.
Save time and aggravation by using lint-free rags to wipe down the car's interior and exterior.
Use cotton swabs and a can of compressed air to clean seams, vents and crevices in the dashboard and console.