How to Shop for Rock Climbing Gear

Climbing gear can be found at many outdoor sporting goods stores, but how do you know what you need for your climb? Large sports equipment retailers often employ outdoor sports experts, so consult with someone in the know so you are fully prepared for your adventure.

How to Shop for Rock Climbing Gear
Rock climbing is an excellent way to work out and relieve stress. Before embarking on this exciting new hobby and fitness regime, it is important to have all gear necessary. Shopping for rock climbing gear is different than shopping for new shoes or a new shirt. If you are missing some piece of gear it could lead to a dangerous situation.
How to Shop for Rock Climbing Gear

Step 1
Pick up a list of needed rock climbing gear from your local sporting goods store, such as REI, Sportsman's Warehouse or Dick's. If a list is not available, ask their resident rock climbing professional for a list of everything you would need to begin rock climbing. Lists can also be found online (see Resources).
Step 2
Visit and review all the possible options you have for each piece of rock climbing equipment. Take into consideration your skill level, height, weight, amount the equipment will be used and terrain you plan to use the equipment on.
Step 3
After deciding what brands and styles of equipment you would like to purchase, visit sites such as, and to compare prices. Factor in shipping costs. Review sites for specials they may have for purchasing a certain amount of equipment with them.
Step 4
If looking to buy equipment used, visit and similar sites to find the gear you are looking for. If interested in purchasing used gear from someone, request information about the piece of rock climbing gear and references of past deals. Questions to ask would include whether or not the rock climbing gear was purchased new or used, when, where, how much it has been used and the size of the person using that piece of rock climbing gear.
Step 5
Return to your local sporting goods store and consult with the residential expert on rock climbing about your pending purchases. Ask for their opinion and if they have any experience, good or bad, with the brands you are planning to purchase. Ask if the store currently has any of the rock climbing gear you are interested in in-stock so you can see it and try it out. Review prices of rock climbing gear offered at the store, as it will not require shipping charges, to see if it is worth purchasing there instead.
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