Hiking, Climbing and Camping

Hiking, Climbing and Camping

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The Hiking, Climbing, and Camping Issue

 A Letter From The Editor

I’ve been intimidated by the idea of rock climbing since the 1990’s when I first saw an image of a rock climber, balanced on a dangerous precipice. I thought rock climbing was out of reach for regular people like me—it seemed to require vast amounts of expert knowledge and equipment. So I was pleased to read articles from our contributors that cover climbing topics for beginners, including what to wear and how to tie ropes. This issue of Happy Living explores climbing, hiking, and camping as traditional activities to be enjoyed together, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned outdoorsman. There are tips for every stage of your trip, from packing to setting-up camp to purifying your drinking water.


Emily Johnson
HappyNews Editor

 Hiking, Climbing and Camping : Table of Contents

» How to Use Hiking Poles » Goodie Bag Ideas for Campouts » Making a List of Supplies to Take Camping » Tips on Cooking & Camping » How to Keep Food Frozen During Camping » How to Climb Rock Walls » Basic Hiking Safety » Hiking Badlands National Park » How to Purify Water When Hiking » How to Clean Camp Kitchen Gear Properly » Florida Camping Guide » How to Solo Climb Safely » How to Shop for Rock Climbing Gear » Building a Campsite » About Backcountry Camping » Family Camping Vacation Ideas » Homemade Survival Kits for Camping » Proper Rope Tying for Rock Climbing