Goodie Bag Ideas for Campouts

When planning your next camping trip, why not give the ones you love a special treat? Goodie bags filled with camping gear and essentials will make the trip a little easier and a lot more fun!

Goodie Bag Ideas for Campouts
New Tent by Paul.Carroll via flickr
Taking some friends and family into the great outdoors for a campout? Get everyone in the spirit by giving them goodie bags chock full of camping treats.
Both fun and practical, everyone will be happy to have a flashlight once the sun sets. Shop discount or dollar stores for little, economical flashlights. Don't forget the batteries!
Glow-in-the-dark toys
Another fun way to light up a starry night is with toys that glow in the dark. Kids will get hours of fun out of glow sticks, necklaces, stickers and other light-up goodies.
Guests will really feel like they're camping out once they have a compass in their hands. Check party suppliers and discount stores for affordable options.
Whistles are a fast way to get the group's attention if there's danger, but they're also a lot of fun, adding extra excitement (and noise) to games and sing-a-longs.
Before the sun goes down, make sure everyone stays protected with sunscreen. Buy a box of individually packaged sunscreen wipes, and put one or two in each guest's goodie bag.
Insect repellent
Keep mosquitoes at bay with insect repellent. Purchasing individually wrapped repellent sheets keeps the cost down and makes application easy.
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