Family Camping Vacation Ideas

One of the most enjoyable and memorable things you can do together as a family is to take a family camping vacation. Whether you go primitive and camp in a tent or if you go more modern and take an RV or camper on your trip, there are hundreds of destinations and activities you can participate in. One thing to keep in mind is to pick a destination that offers a variety of things to do so that everyone will enjoy themselves. Here are just a few ideas you may want to consider.
Scenic Preferences
Do you and your family prefer to sit back and enjoy the raw beauty of nature? If you do, then there are literally thousands of places to go in the United States that offer campsites with just this sort of thing. Most state and national park systems offer both primitive and more modern campsite facilities, all at reasonable rates. You can go online to most of these campsites and see just what they have to offer, and in most cases you can reserve your campsite in advance.
Beach Vacations
Most beach destinations in the United States, especially those along the east coast, offer some type of camping facility near the ocean. While in most areas you will not be able to camp on the beach itself, these camping facilities are often just a few minutes away from the beach. You may even find that the local beach offers a transit service that runs from the campground to the beach and other local areas, so you never have to move your car once you are at the campsite
Hiking Vacations
If your family prefers to get out and hike there are numerous park systems that offer pre-made trails just for this activity alone. From short one to two hour hikes or all day adventures, there is sure to be something for you. Be sure to check all regulations in the area in which you want to hike, and make sure that someone knows where you are going and when you are expected back, just in case something unexpected should occur.
Be sure to plan you trip well in advance of your departure. Be sure to take everything you need with you, or be prepared to pay dearly for things you have forgotten, as stores in and around campgrounds are notorious for charging ridiculous prices for the necessities. Take along something for everyone to do, especially on rainy days when it may be impossible to get outside to do anything.
Whenever you arrive at your destination, be sure to check with the management as to what rules and regulations apply at your campground. Be sure to adhere to rules about feeding or attracting wildlife, as this can be dangerous, and may get you booted out of the campground for rules infractions. Most of all, keep it safe and everyone should have an enjoyable time.
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