Building a Campsite

Camping is a hobby enjoyed by many people, and with the rise in popularity of this activity, taking care to build a proper and environmentally friendly campsite is important. Finding the right spot, creating your bathroom location, and maintaining your fire responsibly are all important parts of camping.

Building a Campsite
Choosing the right spot to build a campsite is just as important as the actual task of building a place where you can comfortably camp overnight. Find a place with good shelter, a nearby supply of clean water and ample firewood and you are well on your way to having a rewarding camping experience.
Pitch a Tent
Before you set up your tent you will need to find a level spot with good soil. Then clear all loose debris, like sticks and stones.
Build a Fireplace
A circle of small rocks (about the size of a cantaloupe) makes good material for a fireplace. Don't forget to remove all vegetation from the firepit area before building a fire.
The Latrine
Portable outhouses are now common fare, but if you have to build a latrine make sure it is located at least 100 yards downstream from your camp and 100 feet from any spring or stream.
Most well used campsites have an available source of water, but still it is a good idea to carry both water purification tablets and a mechanical water-purifying device.
Comfort Amenities
Some campsites setups include a dining fly or simple makeshift furniture from large rocks or sturdy tree branches.
Cooking Area
If you plan on cooking, build a spit to go over your fire or rearrange some flat rocks to serve as a simple kitchen table.
White Mountain Camping Advice

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