Prenatal Vitamins & Hair Growth

Did you know that taking prenatal vitamins while pregnant can promote hair growth? Pregnant women often experience fuller and thicker hair, in part because of the increased vitamins they are consuming.

Prenatal Vitamins & Hair Growth
Although many people rave that prenatal vitamins are great for promoting hair and nail growth, it's actually not the case. Many factors contribute to hair growth, both in women who are expecting and those who aren't. No medical studies have proven prenatal vitamins effective in making hair grow faster, but you can learn something from an expectant mom about how to grow more luscious locks.
It's the Hormones, Not the Vitamins
Unfortunately, there's no scientifically proven way to make your hair grow. During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes hormonal shifts that cause changes in the hair growth cycle. Essentially, during that time it's stuck in the anagen stage, otherwise known as the growing stage.
Vitamins Promote Healthier Hair
Although you can not make your hair grow faster than Mother Nature allows, the use of a dietary supplement can be useful in promoting healthy hair. Women who are not pregnant can receive the same benefits from a basic multi-vitamin, though it would not be harmful to take a prenatal vitamin.
Live Like a Pregnant Woman
The majority of women tend to incorporate healthier lifestyle choices and eliminate bad habits while pregnant. Changes like eliminating cigarettes and alcohol, increasing water consumption and exercise and eliminating stress are all proven ways to prevent hair loss. Incorporating these lifestyle changes anytime will be beneficial for your hair.