Foods That Promote Hair Growth

When you're facing hair loss, you might consider trying many unusual methods to regrow hair. Give some thought to foods that are thought to promote hair growth; it might be one of the easiest ways to help hair loss you can try!

Foods That Promote Hair Growth
Food is doesn't just give you energy, it also provides nutrition that maintains your entire body. If you have thin hair or are losing your hair, chances are the right diet can reverse the problem or at least slow it.
Hair is made up of mostly protein so include foods in your diet high in protein, such as liver, fish, eggs, dairy, red meats and beans.
Vitamin B
Vitamin B helps keep hair roots of the hair strong and healthy, thus preventing hair loss. Foods high in vitamin B are eggs, poultry and all types of meat.
Iron feeds the hair from the inside out, keeping it strong and thick. Foods high in iron include liver; whole grains; dark green, leafy vegetables; eggs and raisins.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E aids the body with good blood circulation, which includes the blood flow near the scalp. Foods high in vitamin E include avocados, nuts and olive oil.
Fatty Acids
Fatty acids keep the hair hydrated as well as help maintain its natural shine. When hair is dry and brittle it breaks easily and also falls out easier. Foods high in fatty acids are nuts, especially walnuts, fish and soy.
Vitamins Good For Hair
Iron Deficiency
Vitamin E and Hair Growth