Vol.1, No.2
Money Tips

Consumer rights and contractor fraud

How to dine out for less

How to find money you didn't know you had

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The Money Tips Issue

 A Letter From The Editor

Welcome to our issue of money tips. It's been an informative subject to work with, and I think anyone can find a few ideas to improve their own life with money. By money, of course, I mean the way we all have bills, need to save, earn it in the workplace, use credit cards, and are protected from fraud to some extent under the law. Some of the most stressful jobs in the world involve hard decisions about large amounts of money. At the same time, our daily life is made up of hard decisions about money-usually small amounts of money. CEOs and Directors of Finance only reach their position after years of schooling and experience, but the average consumer started out with a few words of advice about saving from their mother. If readers only get one thing from this issue, I'd like it to be this: money is hard work and you've already done a great job getting where you are today, no matter what your current financial situation is. If everything in life is hard work, knowledge, and luck, perhaps it's time we moved on to the knowledge. This issue touches on a variety of diverse points, from consumer rights while car shopping to spotting forgeries and counterfeits. Lowering your grocery bill and dining out for less are topics which will interest many households, and information about the consumer privacy act will interest others. From here, I wish you all good luck in each of your financial endeavors.


Patricia Meyer
HappyNews Editor

 Money Tips : Table of Contents

» Consumer rights when traveling » How to save money on a limited income » When and how to use a credit card chargeback » The best times to buy products and save » When to consider small claims court » The consumer privacy act » Consumer rights and car shopping » Consumer rights and contractor fraud » Consumer rights and credit cards » Consumer rights dealing with online travel booking agencies » Consumer rights at hotels and motels » Consumer rights and lemon laws » Consumer rights every high school graduate should understand » How to dine out for less » How to spot fake twenty dollar bills » How to tell if a cashier's check is counterfeit » How to find money you didn't know you had » Tips for lowering your grocery bill