Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Floors

Kitchen floors can get pretty dirty with heavy traffic and regular food preparation. These tips will help you clean your kitchen floor efficiently and effectively!

Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Floors
Tom Hodgkinson
Kitchen floors can be difficult to keep clean. They get more traffic than almost any other area in the home. Food is often dropped on the floors, and hot, humid conditions make the floors stick. Learn a few tips for cleaning your kitchen floors to make the job a little easier.
Clean Often
Sweep the kitchen floor at least once a day, and mop every other day. Clean up after spills as soon as they occur. Detail the floors, using hot, soapy water and a cloth, once a month to remove any stuck-on grime.
Clean Faster
For daily mopping, use a quick-mop system, such as Swiffer. Pour a regular mop solution and hot water into a spray bottle, spray the floor, then use the quick-mop to clean up the water and accumulated grime.
Use Vinegar
Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of hot water to cut through sticky spills and stuck-on food, and make your floor shine. Hand cleaning the floor with the vinegar solution works better than doing so with hot water, and can take the place of the monthly deep cleaning.
Cleaning Wood Floors
When cleaning wood floors, use the least amount of water necessary, and dry immediately. Rinse the floors with water after washing to remove any residue left from the soapy mop water, and leave your floors looking cleaner.
Some kitchen floors, such as linoleum and wood, may be reactive to vinegar. For these floors, stick with a regular mopping solution. Use diluted vinegar for spot cleaning and dry immediately.
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