Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking to re-do your kitchen, why not paint your kitchen cabinets? You can paint just about any surface including laminate, metal, and wood cabinets with a little prep work. If installing new cabinets or refinishing the old ones aren't options for you, painting your kitchen cabinets can breathe new life into a dated look.

Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets
A well made pair of cabinets using high-quality hardwood are an object of beauty. When such items are installed in the kitchen, most decorators will choose to go with the natural, wood surface. However, if the wooden enclosure is not made from the best of woods, then you might consider painting your cabinets. By choosing a painted finish, the color and design options for the kitchen will increase. Following are a few creative ideas for painting your cabinets.
Match the Wall Color
Paint the cabinets the same color as the wall. This is not the most imaginative idea, but sometimes a simple functional design is the best course of action. If you are using a semi-gloss paint for the walls, you can use the same paint for the cabinets or you can purchase a matching can of high-gloss paint to accent the cabinets ever so slightly.
Complementary Colors
Paint the cabinets in a contrasting or complementary color from that of the walls of the kitchen. You can do this in moderation by choosing a color that is close to the room color or one that matches the woodwork, or you can pick a bold, colorful hue that will make the cabinets really stand out. Either way you need to pick a glossy or semi-glossy paint to protect and accent the cabinets. Latex paint is preferred by most homeowners, but it is possible to use an oil-based paint for extra shine and durability.
Paint Used as a Stain
Another creative way to enhance a room is by using paint like a stain. This method is dependent on a medium grade of wood that will add to the finished appearance, because when done properly the grain of the wood will appear through the paint. To get this effect, you can use a latex- or oil-based paint, but you need to run a clean cloth rag over the surface right after you apply the paint. Finally, you need to rub the cabinet with the rag until the grain of the wood shines through in an even manner.
Spray Painting
Another decorating method is to remove the cabinet doors and all hardware and then spray paint the doors and body of the cabinet with a shiny, enamel paint. However, a person will need some experience with a spray gun to do this, but the results can be really striking, especially if you use contrasting colors for the cabinet doors. White cabinets with black doors might look really sharp in a kitchen without much color on the walls or woodwork.
Stenciling a design on the front of the cabinet door or on the side of a row of cabinets provides a unique look. Stenciling was quite popular in Colonial America, before the use of wallpaper, and today it has seen a modern revival. Pineapples were used in that period as symbols of hospitality, and a stencil design of this fruit might look good on the front of some of your cabinets.