Ideas for Kitchen Islands

If your home improvement checklist includes building or remodeling a kitchen island, you're probably looking for great ideas. A kitchen island is the hub of the room, and designing this important spot is key to a fabulous kitchen.

Ideas for Kitchen Islands
Crackle "Wave"
Considered by many as the heart of the home, the kitchen serves as a place for cooking, eating and socializing. Over the last few decades kitchen designs have grown elaborate, and many people think of an island as a must-have item. Kitchen islands have come a long way since the days of butcherblock on top of a few cabinets, sitting in the middle of the room. Now they are well-crafted pieces of furniture that provide more than just extra counter and storage space.
Functional Designs
You make food in the kitchen, therefore your island needs to be functional. Include a cooktop and oven, as well as heat resistant countertops, like granite or tile. Another popular option is to add a prep sink or wet bar, along with pull out garbage or recycle bins. Of course storage is important, so add roomy cabinets and drawers to store your dishes, silverware, glasses and utensils. Extra outlets on the island can provide much needed access to electricity.
Entertaining Options
Since many social events happen in and around the kitchen, the island can help serve as a place for entertaining guests. Add a second tier or a ledge so that it becomes a table, where people can sit down for a meal or gather around for drinks. A wine rack helps with the elegance factor. Want to keep your appetizers and drinks on ice, a trough sink is the perfect complement to any island.
Out of the Ordinary
Why stick with traditional or even modern kitchen islands, when you can have futuristic design elements. The remote controlled island features countertops that roll back to reveal a sink, including a pop-up faucet and a cooking area. Boniva offers a motorized island, which has a double-sided cabinet that raises and presents everything from a TV and CD/DVD player to a mobile bar. If you are short on space, don't worry, Toyo designed the "Nobody" island so that it was very compact, in an Yin and Yang shape, but can be opened up for entertaining.
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