Vol.2, No.6
Interior Decorating Tips

Buying original art

How to choose curtains for your home

Feng shui for the nursery

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The Interior Decorating Tips Issue

 A Letter From The Editor

A little clutter, some misplaced furniture, and an overly dim work area can quickly transform your home from a castle into a headache. Interior design has purposes beyond simply getting ahead of the Joneses. Mood, stress levels, productivity, and organization are all affected by the furniture and design elements used in a space. Interior lighting and paint colors play an important role in beginning a room. From there, appropriate finishing touches need to be chosen, such as furniture and drapes. Our contributors offer advice for working with small rooms, fireplaces, stairways, and track lighting. We also have an introduction to Feng Shui to offer to those interested.


Patricia Meyer
HappyNews Editor

 Interior Decorating Tips : Table of Contents

» Advice for artificial light only areas » The most popular interior paint colors » How to use track lighting kits » Buying original art » How to choose curtains for your home » How to choose the best track lighting kit » Design and decorate your fireplace mantel » Feng shui for the nursery » Flower arrangement ideas » How does lighting affect moods and emotions? » Make your own indoor container water garden » How to make a multi-mirrored wall arrangement » Make a small room seem larger » How to make a stairway curio shelf » What are the major principles of feng shui?