Exercises for Bags Under the Eyes & Jowls

Weight gain and age can wreak havoc on the face, especially under the eyes and in the jowl area. Bags under the eyes are often associated with lack of sleep. However, aging can also cause this condition, as the muscle tone under the eyes loosens. Similarly, jowls are thought to be an "affliction" of the overweight, but aging can also cause the cheeks to sag. Fortunately, there are exercises that you can do to get rid of the bags and sags on the jowls and under the eyes.
One of the best exercises for lifting sagging jowls involves smiling. Tilt your head back at a slight angle and smile. Imagine smiling so hard that the corners of your mouth reach back to your ears. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds and release. Do this exercise in sets of five. It works to tone the muscles under the cheeks and tightens the skin over those muscles.
Eye Weight-lifting
Tone the bags under your eyes by lifting the weight of your finger. Place your finger on the bag under your eye. Try to "lift" the weight of your finger using your lower eyelid. Do so without arching your eyebrows. This exercise technique takes practice to master. To prevent the movement of the eyebrow, place a finger just above that eyebrow and apply a little pressure. This will make you conscious of arching the brows. Once you master the technique, do these exercises in sets of 20 at least twice a day.
Another Eye Exercise
Relax with your eyes closed. Under those closed lids, look up and then down, without arching the eyebrows. This stretches the lower lid area to prevent bags.
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