Foods That Trigger Headaches

Headaches are pain located in the head and/or upper neck. A headache is one of the most common types of pains in the body, and it affects nearly everyone. Headaches have many causes and can be triggered by eating certain types of foods. If you are prone to headaches, avoid overdoing it with these foods.
Caffeine can actually aid in relieving headaches when taken in moderation during the onset of pain. However, caffeine can also cause headaches when it is taken daily in significant doses.
Cold Foods
Cold foods and drinks, such as ice cream, chilled sliced fruit and ice water, can cause headaches. This is especially true when a person is overheated or has just been exposed to the heat.
Food Additives
There are many food additives and preservatives that can trigger headaches, including nitrates, artificial sweeteners, MSG and sulfites.
Alcohol affects the blood flow to your brain and can therefore cause headaches. In particular, beer, red wine, whiskey and champagne can cause headaches.
Tyramine is a natural substance that occurs in some foods when protein breaks down. It can be found most often in aged cheeses.

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