Vol.1, No.1
Beginner Gardening

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Growing a windowsill herb garden

Starting a garden indoors

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The Beginner Gardening Issue

 A Letter From The Editor

Welcome to our Beginner Gardening issue. This issue isn't for garden enthusiasts; rather, it's meant for the average person who'd like to bring one or two plants into their life. We explain growing basics, and have advice for some of the most common situations. Our contributors recommend the perfect plants to grow on a desk in an office, or the best pots for indoor plants. We even have wonderful advice for creating a windowsill herb garden which can provide yummy cooking additives year-round. I hope everyone considers this issue an excuse to add a plant to their home. The benefits are myriad-houseplants improve air quality, relax viewers, enhance decor, and introduce a glimmer of an active outdoor lifestyle into any space. With practice and a thorough reading, we might all manage to keep our new plants alive as well.


Patricia Meyer
HappyNews Editor