Beginner Gardening: Flower Power

Beginner Gardening: Flower Power

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The Flower Power Issue

 A Letter From The Editor

This edition of Happy Living covers a variety of basic flower topics, from the science of floral scents and colors to the art of floral arranging. Gardeners who are establishing garden beds or making landscaping plans will also enjoy the articles about installing gates and fencing. Read on and find ways to bring the beauty of flowers into your life!


Emily Johnson
HappyNews Editor

 Beginner Gardening: Flower Power : Table of Contents

» How to Draw a Vase of Flowers » How to Pick Flowers for a Wedding » How to Build Garden Gates » How to Grow an Organic Flower Garden » Types of Flowers Good for Bouquets » Making a Flower Bed » How to Make Flower Baskets Out of Fruit » How to Prepare the Soil for a Flower Garden » Making a Holiday Flower Arrangement » About Garden Flowers » Different Kinds of Flower Arrangements » What Flowering Plants Are Best for Indoor Planting? » Parts of a Flowering Plant » Flower Bed Ideas on a Budget » Why Are Flower Petals So Colorful? » How to Install Garden Fencing » Why Do Flowers Smell, and Why Do Plants Smell, Too?