Funky Basement Decorating Ideas

What better place to get funky than the basement? After all, it's usually dark, drab or rarely visited. Anyone who seeks a basement redesign must first establish a system for storing the detritus that tends to accumulate in the basement. That leaves a clean palette for bringing on the funk, be it with a full-scale Tiki bar or a Hollywood-style lounge. No matter the decor, a funky basement should be light, bright and comfortable to encourage maximum use.
There are countless types of styles that work for a funky basement. The crafty DIY aesthetic is ideal here, combining projects featuring bold colors and patterns. The eco-design trend has a place in the basement, where it is easy to incorporate yard sale leftovers, flea market finds and repurposed pieces. Go sleek and industrial with metal hardware and slick finishes or more rustic with distressed surfaces.
One of the essential features in funky basement decor is comfortable seating. Go cheap and easy with old patio furniture painted in bright colors and gathered around a low coffee table. Add some salon style with an ottoman surrounded by floor cushions. Use that old love seat or armchair and cover it in throws or arty pillows for an eclectic vibe. An upholstered chaise lounge and an ornately engraved Moroccan end table lend a bohemian modern tone.
Functionality should be at the forefront of any basement design. A funky basement typically requires good lighting or an emphasis on natural light to contrast with the kitschy look. Soften the palette of gray concrete and metal pipes by painting walls a cheerful periwinkle blue or lime green. Large pieces of furniture can work well in basements that are big concrete boxes. To add funk to their function, choose furniture pieces with open display areas that you can fill with velvet paintings, Japanese toys, art postcards or other tchotchkes.
A funky basement can strike a mood. A packaged wall mural of a nature scene, or a hand-painted mural featuring silhouettes of trees, opens up the space and inspires tranquility. A groovy den with lava lamps and beanbag chairs offers a humorous note. Safari themes and animal prints reveal a wild side, while modular furniture and mood lighting is pure bachelor pad.
The best way to create a funky look is to incorporate pieces you love. Mix old with new, cherished with throwaway, for a distinct aesthetic. For example, prop a dramatic painting on a shelf and place small toys that carry its color scheme in front of it. Take a generic mirror and place it in an ornate frame that you've spray-painted gold. Show off a collection in a plain wooden crate, or repurpose an old drawer into a simple shadow box by painting it and hammering it to the wall.
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