Decorating Basement Windows

By virtue of being mostly underground, basement windows often let in minimal light and are relatively small. Basement windows are usually positioned to catch the most light possible, which means they are often located just below the basement ceiling close to the outside ground surface. Consider decorating basement windows in ways that make them appear longer, larger and/or brighter than they actually are. There are several ways to create the illusion that your basement window is bigger and taller, or at the very least, brighter. All solutions are both eye-catching and easy to undertake.
Create the illusion that your basement window is part of a larger window by nailing in place a set of window shutters that are short in length just below the actual basement window. This gives the appearance that the bottom of the actual window is in the center of a double hung one. A wooden ledge placed below these shutters adds the final touch to complete the look of a larger window with closed shutters at the bottom.
Elongate the look of your basement windows by hanging a curtain rod where the top of the wall meets the ceiling. Hang full-length curtains from the rods--the full length will help foster the illusion of a taller, longer window.
Decorative Contact Paper
Adhere decorative contact paper to the windows to mimic the look of decorative glass. This solution is highly economical and still lets in the light.
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