Decorating a Basement Studio Apartment

These studio apartment decorating tips will give you ideas for making a basement liveable with colorful paint, good lighting, and smart furniture arrangement.

Decorating a Basement Studio Apartment
Decorating a basement studio apartment can pose many challenges, including storing items and creating bright spots that maximize color and light. First and foremost, the limited space must suit your specific needs, which may range from having room for a home office to entertaining friends. Use the following tips to create a room that is versatile, comfortable and cheerful.
Space Planning
Plan your space well for a basement studio apartment. For example, if you have high ceilings, use the vertical wall space for storage or for tall furniture such as bookshelves, loft beds and armoires. If you have oddly shaped spaces, such as room under the stairs, figure out ways to use them. For example, under the stairs you can have baskets of various heights storing odds and ends, and slide them out when you need to use them. This can also be a good place for storing exercise equipment or a bicycle. Likewise, if your basement studio apartment is one large open space, you will want to create separate living areas. A small corner can become a sitting area with an ottoman, floor cushions and a sconce light on the wall.
Define your basement studio apartment by using color, texture and patterns to set apart living spaces and brighten up the interior. Paint walls light and bright colors to open up the space. If you have windows, use light colors on the surrounding wall and translucent fabric on the curtain to maximize natural light. Create brilliant accents by painting the stairs different colors, putting up wallpaper on a wall or designating different spaces by using bold throw rugs, cushions and pillows. Use a folding screen, a curtain or a wall hanging to designate a more private area.
In a basement studio apartment, furnishings should provide multiple uses and have spots for hidden storage. A desk may contain a built-in bookshelf on the side, or a loft bed may have a desk or shelves built underneath. An ottoman or footstool can open up for some storage. A corner is a great spot for a niche, or place floating shelves in a tight corner to create an area for displaying collections. Add a shallow shelf, high on the wall, that extends from corner to corner. Then, you can prop up paintings, souvenirs and knickknacks across the wall. A futon or sofa bed that shifts from a bed to a couch is ideal, but make sure the mattress is resilient and comfortable. Use pendant lights and gallery-style lighting to illuminate specific spots, such as a reading area, a work area and a dining area.
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