Basement Wall Ideas

Finishing your basement doesn't end when you get to the concrete walls. Cover them, decorate them, or paint them with color to brighten up the basement's potential.

There's no rule that every basement wall must be concrete and dreary. From a giant whiteboard to extra storage space, transforming your basement wall can liven up the room and create an additional, inviting place for your family to spend time together.
Paint an Accent Wall
Liven up a dark basement by painting one wall a bright color.

If your walls are concrete, make sure they're clean and mold-free prior to painting. Moisture can be a problem in basements. Seal the wall with a water-based primer-sealer or masonry sealer, then paint with a vibrant color.

Create a Giant Whiteboard Wall
Dry-erase boards are great for letting kids explore their artistic talents, and they're also a great place for adults to make notes or draw mind-maps. However, a single board can be expensive, and it doesn't make an attractive wall decoration.

In the basement, you can make an entire wall into a giant whiteboard and let kids and adults alike go crazy. Just paint the wall with dry-erase paint; if you like, use colored masking tape to section off different areas for each person.

Make a Giant Corkboard
Make your basement cozier by displaying pictures, artwork, posters and other memorabilia on the wall. The less-formal nature of a basement means you can cover the whole wall with cork, pegboard or fabric to make hanging--and rearranging--a breeze, and not stress about poking too many holes in the wall.
Create More Storage
Every house has an assortment of items that just don't seem to fit anywhere: soccer balls, out-of-season clothes or old magazines you still want to read one day. Instead of hiding them in boxes in a far corner of the basement, build shelving along the basement wall and assign these items their own compartments. This lets you keep the rest of your house uncluttered while providing easy access to these items when you do need them.
Make it Magnetic
The refrigerator doesn't have to be the only place for sticking souvenir magnets and hanging up schoolwork and postcards. Paint a basement wall with magnetic paint and attach a variety of magnets and magnetic clips; you can also use letters and/or magnetic words to create a dynamic message wall to play games when friends and family visit.
Make a Projector Screen
You could watch a movie in your very own basement movie theater. Paint one basement wall white or hang a large projector screen in front of it, add a couch or a couple of bean bag chairs, and you'll transform a dark basement into the perfect place to watch a scary flick.
Paint a Mural
There's no rule that you have to paint a basement wall a single color. Hire a professional artist to paint a mural on the basement wall, or grab a paintbrush and give it a go yourself. The basement's more casual atmosphere means you can take chances with colors and artwork that wouldn't work elsewhere in your house.

You can also buy mural wallpaper or have a favorite photograph blown up and printed onto wallpaper if painting your basement walls proves too difficult.

Hang Curtains or Beads
Can't paint your walls and hate the ugly look of concrete? Hang rods and run floor-length curtains or beads along the wall, creating a quick and soft new wall surface.
Basement Wall Ideas (Better Homes & Gardens)
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