Basement Design Ideas

Consider these interior design ideas for remodelling and decorating the finished basement you've always wanted.

Basement Design Ideas,,
The great thing about basements is that the sky's the limit when it comes to design options. Basements can be used in a number of different ways, for a number of different purposes. The design idea you choose will depend on your budget, your needs and your personal style. In addition, the size of the basement will affect what you can accomplish from a design perspective. For instance, if you have a small basement, it might not be a great idea to include a pool table as part of a game room design scheme.
A kids' retreat
Whether your kids are young, teenagers or anywhere in between, they love having a space that is all their own. Families with younger children often design a basement that doubles as a durable playroom. That means including plenty of shelf space for toys and games, which, depending on your budget, can be built-in shelves or even oversized closets, along with a durable floor that cleans well and is not too tough on kids when they tumble (wood laminate and long-wearing carpet are ideal). For the walls, consider a gender-neutral primary color with easy peel-and-stick appliques of designs your kids will enjoy.
A Man Cave
What man wouldn't love a basement designed for an afternoon hanging out with the guys? Ideas for this sort of "man cave" include wiring for all his high-tech toys, including a flat-screen TV and surround sound. Consider recessed lighting that can dim to watch movies and sporting events. And since things might get loud, sound proofing with textured walls and insulation in the ceiling will help. A plush carpet can also help keep the noise from traveling upstairs. A men's retreat should be decorated with wall art representing his favorite hobbies; fishing, surfing and sports are popular design themes. Depending on your basement size and budget, you may want to consider adding a pool table and a built-in bar with room to pull up a few stools. A man cave would not be complete without wiring for a refrigerator or perhaps a kegerator to store cold and frosty beverages.
Multipurpose Room
Depending on their size, basements can be the perfect place to provide something for everyone in your family. They can include a guest bedroom and bath, along with a workout room and a media room. A multipurpose room can also include a space for the family, with comfy couches and a table for playing games or enjoying a snack. Factor in the cost of plumbing as well as television and sound wiring for your media room. If you include an exercise or workout room, you may want to add rubber flooring tiles, which can hold up to heavy exercise equipment, weights and other athletic equipment while keeping you safe and comfortable.