Basement Ceiling Ideas

Finish your basement renovation with a ceiling system such as drywall, frame and ceiling tiles, or decorative alternatives.

Basement Ceiling Ideas
There are several options when it comes to covering an exposed basement ceiling. Choices include everything from inexpensive fabric, to drop ceiling tile to the more expensive but professional looking drywall. Each option has its pros and cons. When deciding what you'd like for your home, consider your personal taste, the work involved and your budget. Only you can decide which option is best for you.
Economical Solutions
There are a few quick fixes that are very economical when it comes to covering your basement ceiling. Faux wood paneling, bead board or even heavy-grade fabric can add architectural detail or interest to a plain basement on a budget. Although these options are not has long-lasting as more durable materials, they will solve the problem in the short term until you can afford a longer-term solution.
Although the most expensive of ceiling options, drywall will give your basement a finished look and have the added bonus of being able to be painted. Drywall comes in large, heavy sheets that can prove difficult as a DIY ceiling project. Drywall also requires experience with taping and joint filling using drywall compound. Many find the process of drywalling frustrating because even minor imperfections are very noticeable.
Drop Ceilings
Suspended or drop ceilings are made of ceiling tiles that are hung in a metal grid attached to the bottom of the ceiling joists. Although many people prefer other ceiling options because they don't like the industrial look that a drop ceiling can give to a room, a drop ceiling is much easier to install than drywall and also is less expensive. An added benefit of suspended ceilings is easy access to plumbing and duct work, because repairs or upgrades can easily take place by removing a ceiling tile.
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