Vol.2, No.1
Making Soap and Candles

Making homemade lye soap

Make gel candles in glasses

Crayons as colorant in candle wax

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The Soap And Candles Issue

 A Letter From The Editor

Soap and candles have an amazing amount in common as a home craft. Both involve controlled heat, scents, colorant and molds. For that reason, this issue covers making both of these popular items for the home. Creating candles and soap at home lets consumers start with quality ingredients that modern manufacturers commonly avoid due to cost. Homemade soap is exceptionally good for the skin, when the proper recipe is matched to a skins needs. Beyond that, creation at home lets people completely customize their result. Light brown apple pie candles and rainbow colored glycerin soaps were both popularized through homemade candles and soaps. I hope you enjoy this issues information and projects, whether you're a seasoned candlemaker or it's just something you've always wondered about trying.


Patricia Meyer
HappyNews Editor

 Making Soap and Candles : Table of Contents

» The right wick for different types of candles » How to make homemade glycerine soap » Make sand or glitter covered candles » Additives which harden soaps » Candle making with essential oils » Cold process, hot process, and melt and pour » Diy: making a coffee bean scented candle » A guide to choosing wick size in candlemaking » Making homemade lye soap » Making homemade castile soap » Information on candlemaking additives » Make your own candle making kit » Make gel candles in glasses » Make your own laundry soap » How to make your own scented bath gel » Soapmaking base oil reviews » Soap making with olive oil » Types of candle wax used for candlemaking » Use leaves in a pillar candle » Using stearic acid or stearin in candlemaking » Crayons as colorant in candle wax