Vol.1, No.7
Maartje van Caspel

Christmas star ornaments for kids

Halloween human bones pasta art

Toddler valentine's crafts

Photo Credit: Maartje van Caspel

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The Crafts Issue

 A Letter From The Editor

Children and easy craft projects just seem to go together, and for good reason. Crafts aid child development, keep youngsters busy, and result in some of the cheapest yet treasured Christmas gifts out there. This issue, all about easy crafts for children, is full of ideas to vary your children's repertoire and refrigerator-front portfolio. The art and craft projects all require common and cheap materials, from felt to uncooked pasta. Many of them are activities for various holidays. Different projects are best suited for children of different ages, so glance through them to find a good one for your particular target age group. Finally, make sure you enjoy the weird-craft days of childhood and keep a few choice works tucked away for future nostalgia.


Patricia Meyer
HappyNews Editor

 Maartje van Caspel : Table of Contents

» How to make clay » How to make quick birthday party hats » How to make a worm farm » How to make a bean bag toss game » Kids crafts candy snowmen » Children's felt ornament craft project » Christmas star ornaments for kids » Making a jack o' lantern mask » Kids haunted gingerbread houses » Fall crafts for children: balloon ghosts » Fall kid's crafts: paper bag pumpkins » Fun sand castle mold ideas » Kid crafts gingerbread houses » Halloween human bones pasta art » Kids holiday handprint wreaths » How to make a hand puppet » Make your own party favors for kids » Kids craft reindeer hand puppets » Kid winter snowmen art project » Toddler valentine's crafts