Vol.1, No.9
Chili Peppers

What is capsaicin?

When to cook chili peppers with seeds

Growing hot chilis to eat

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Red chilis vs green chilis

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 A Letter From The Editor

Chili peppers are an amazing plant. They produce the chemical capsaicin; how much depends on the type of pepper. That chemical has the ability to set human mouths ablaze, stimulate adrenaline and sweat reduction, and even reduce the effects of long term pain. Perhaps most amazing, chili pepper growth and use spans the globe. On both sides of the equator in Asia and the Americas peppers are a frequent ingredient in staple meals. Different pepper types vary in appearance, heat, and taste. Scoville units are the objective measure of how hot a pepper is. Whether the pepper is used fresh, dried, or seedless also plays an important part in determining the flavor and bite of the dish. For those who can't enjoy eating the hottest habenero, I'm sure you can enjoy the history and tales of the mighty pepper offered in this issue. For those chile-heads out there whose mouths are already salivating, hopefully you can learn more about growing, preserving, and cooking with peppers.


Patricia Meyer
HappyNews Editor

 Chili Peppers : Table of Contents

» Chili peppers in mexican cuisine » How to dry your own chili peppers » Red chilis vs green chilis » All about tabasco » Cooking with hot chiles in asian cuisine » What is capsaicin? » Chili peppers for your garden and region » When to cook chili peppers with seeds » Are chilis perennials or annuals? » Fresh chilis or dried in cooking » Cooking with pure cap chili extract » What cuisines feature the hottest chiles? » How to freeze chilies for storage » 10 fresh chili pepper salsa recipes » Growing hot chilis to eat » When to harvest hot chilis » How hot chiles are rated » Jalapeno hot chili peppers » How many scoville units will kill a person? » Poblano hot chili peppers » How to start chili seeds » Cooking with tabasco » Thai chili peppers