What Is Internal Conflict?

Internal conflict is simply conflict within oneself. Even those fights that seem external can come from within.
Preconceived Notions
Problems with internal conflict come in when we hold on to preconceived notions that don't match our reality. When we believe things should be a certain way when they do not appear to be that way, we have internal conflict.
Abstract Ideas
Society gives us abstract ideas about how to act, and these often come into conflict with our reality. Consider this example: Your best friend is very upset and needs someone to talk to, but you promised to have dinner with your family. You are supposed to be there for your friend, but you're supposed to keep your promises too. This creates internal conflict.
When you use categorical words that imply you have no alternative in a matter, you set yourself up for internal conflict.
External Forces
It's easy to assume that external forces cause most conflicts, but that is not the case. It is when external forces come into conflict with the mind that we actually perceive them to be a problem.
When there is a decision to be made, internal conflict ensues. Avoid second-guessing yourself. If the decision isn't really yours to make because it involves someone else, end your internal conflict by leaving the responsibility where it belongs.
Problem Solving and Internal Conflict