Why Is College Required for Jobs?

A college degree is required for many higher-level positions. In fact, a college degree is now expected by potential employers for many positions that were once open to those without a bachelor's or associate degree in hand. This situation has developed for many reasons.
Getting a college degree is an assurance to your future employer that you have gone through the proper training for the position for which you are applying.
General Knowledge
College picks up where high school leaves off when it comes to offering a well-rounded education, because most degree programs require you to take many general courses.
Proof of Work Ethic
Graduating from college proves that you have the dedication needed to accomplish a difficult task that takes many years to complete.
Narrowing the Field
Most jobs attract a large number of applicants, and those who have graduated from college are more attractive to employers, because they have taken an additional step toward gaining knowledge, skills and training.
Impressive to Clientele
Clients often want to know that the people working for a company they are considering doing business with employs highly educated, well-trained individuals.

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