College Dorm Decorations

College Dorm Decorations
What To Look For
Typically, dorm decor must be within the parameters of a typical college student's budget. Consider hanging Chinese lanterns from the ceiling, "wallpapering" your dorm room with wrapping paper, hanging a large amount of fabric from one end of the wall to the other, finding fabrics to make curtains that replace generic vinyl blinds and making sure your bed coverings are attractive (Your bed may turn out be the centerpiece of your half of the room). Consider hanging pictures on the wall, but not too many. Add a touch of refinement by framing your posters or pictures.
Common Pitfalls
Shopping for decor for a dorm room is different than simply shopping for a small room. You more than likely will have a roommate and chances are the university will have strict regulations on what you can or cannot use to decorate. For example, many universities won't allow you to paint the walls or put holes in them. Also, find out the exact measurements of your twin bed. It some cases, it may be an extra-long twin, requiring extra-long sheets.
Where To Buy
Visit discount furniture stores, such as Ikea. They are typically a haven for affordable decor. Also try thrift shops, ethnic stores, fabric shops, flea markets, dollar stores and discount stores or comparison shop online.
Watch your budget. A hanging Chinese lantern can sell at different retailers for just under $10 to as much as $50. Wrapping paper can sell for under $1 a roll, but you may have to buy several rolls to cover an entire room. Fabric may be $14.98 for a 54-inch wide piece. A bedspread may sell for $19 and up.
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