What Classes to Take in College to Be a Judge

Before going to law school for a J.D. degree, a judge can benefit from taking college classes to improve public speaking, writing and listening skills.

What Classes to Take in College to Be a Judge
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Most judges are lawyers, but not all lawyers make good judges. Judges look at cases from the law's point of view rather than an advocate's. Consider some of these courses if you are interested in becoming a judge.
All attorneys must graduate from an ABA-approved law school with a J.D. (Juris Doctor) to practice, but no requirements are made for undergraduate degrees. Along with your pre-law curriculum, take liberal arts courses to explore the skills necessary for a judge.
Conflict Resolution
A judge stands between advocates as a referee and is the determiner of facts---take courses in conflict resolution, criminal psychology and mediation.
Judges need strong communication skills to control fractious clients and headstrong attorneys and to wade through what they say---take courses that emphasize public speaking, writing and listening skills.
Judges must manage the employees that serve in the court---study human resources and employment law.
Judges must manage their courts like businesses---take courses in budgeting, public management and finance.
Nothing prepares you for the first time everyone turns to you with "what now?" looks on their faces---take courses with internships, student teaching or laboratory work that put you in positions of leadership and where you are responsible for your own success or failure.
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