Kids' Fitness Tips

If you're like most parents, you want your children to be fit, healthy and happy. There are countless activities you can either do with your kids or teach them to play on their own or with friends. Kids love to exercise as long as it's fun. If they see that you're active and willing to try new activities with them, they're more likely to enjoy different forms of exercise.
Kids have always loved hopscotch, jumping rope, races in the backyard and Twister. All of these fun activities are great exercise. Now kids can dance along to videos at home, play Wii Fit video games and play interactive games at the arcade.
Family Activity
Your family can take up a new hobby together, such as biking, hiking into a different scenic attraction each weekend or going on evening walks to a nearby playground. Mix things up by trying a different sport every Saturday. Children love spending time with their parents, especially in a fun activity.
Kids can spend hours jumping on trampolines, having fun and getting exercise. Install safety equipment and supervise them to decrease their risk of getting hurt.
School and Community Sports
Utilize your school's sports program, or find a community program your child might like more (this is especially useful in the summer months). If your kids are old enough, train for a marathon with them--there are even marathons preschoolers can participate in. Sign your kids up for martial arts to give them some motivation and direction. Consider every activity: dance, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, lacrosse or even belly dancing. One will eventually stick with your kids.
If your kids love to get out on the water, look into renting a canoe or paddle boat for an afternoon. Many families buy an inflatable raft to row around a lake or river. Add more fun by fishing or trying to break your record on distance and speed.
In-Line Skating/Skateboarding
Instead of just telling your kids to get more exercise, buy them a skateboard or pair of in-line skates and safety pads. If you are looking for more family time, buy yourself a pair of skates and learn together.
Exercise Equals Fun
Nature -- The Original Playground