Indoor Activities for Children

Stuck inside and need ideas for indoor fun for your kids? Beyond indoor bowling and tents, think outside the box for entertaining your kids indoors.

Indoor Activities for Children
Most children love to be outside, and on the days when it is too hot, too cold or too rainy to go outside, they can drive parents crazy if not offered options for fun inside activities. Parents and children will both be happier if they plan in advance what to do on indoor days.
Indoor Fun
For one or a few children, indoor playtime can be just as fun as being outside. Most children love coloring and creating artwork, especially if Mom or Dad get in on the fun.

Another idea is having a movie day. If you normally restrict the amount of time your kids are allowed to watch TV, they might come to love rainy days if it means an all-day TV fest. Don't forget the popcorn!

Group Activities
When you have several children to entertain, group activities are a lifesaver. It keeps everyone entertained and together. One way to include all the children is group storytelling. Everyone sits in a circle, and one person starts the story. After a few sentences, the child to his left (or right) takes over telling the story. The next child to the left adds to the story and so on, until everyone has had a turn and the story is complete. For a fun twist, play this at a Halloween party with the lights off. Pass a flashlight around the circle to be held by each storyteller as she takes her turn.

Get everyone involved with playing games like Twister. Even the youngest child can play as long as she knows her colors. Other old favorites include musical chairs and duck, duck, goose!

Crafts and Cooking
Rainy days are a great time to try a new craft or recipe. Most little kids love to help cook and will gladly lend a hand. If you're making soup, get them involved by washing vegetables. What's more fun than making sugar cookies with Dad? Your little helper will find a world of fun in the kitchen with you by her side.

Another idea for rainy days is to bring out the craft box and dive in. By using his imagination, your child can come up with craft ideas from anything you have in the house. If you prefer a little guidance to get you both started, check out the printable craft lists at DLTK (see References), where you'll find ideas for kids of all ages.

Family Fun
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