Finger Foods for Kids' Parties

Finger Foods for Kids' Parties
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Kids love finger foods because they are easy and fun to eat. Finger foods for parties can be shaped and decorated to be visually stimulating for children. For a successful finger food party, provide plenty of food choices to appeal to every palate. Make sure to have plenty of napkins and handy-wipes available to clean all those messy little hands and faces.
Have plenty of snacks on hand to keep the rumbling tummies of children at bay. Focus on healthy snacks to prevent stomach aches. Examples of good snacks are baby carrots, celery slices topped with cream cheese, grapes, raisins and granola bars. Have some Chex mix on hand and goldfish crackers to satisfy salty cravings.
Fun-Shaped Sandwiches and Quesadillas
Use a cookie cutter to cut sandwiches and quesadillas into fun shapes. Cookie cutters in the shape of stars, hearts and animals turn everyday sandwiches and quesadillas into fun party foods. Sandwiches friendly to the kid palate are peanut butter and banana slices, American cheese and mayonnaise, cucumber slices and mayonnaise as well as American cheese and bologna. Some fun quesadilla-filling ideas are mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices, barbecue sauce and shredded chicken and peanut butter and jelly.
Choose easy-to-hold desserts such as cupcakes, decorated cookies, brownies and decorated graham crackers. Top desserts with cake icing, sprinkles and edible decorations to make them visually appealing.

For a healthier dessert choice, provide kids with fruit dipped in chocolate. To make fruit dipped in chocolate, melt 12 oz. of chocolate chips in a small pot over low heat. Dip fresh cherries, strawberries or banana slices in the melted chocolate by holding them by the stem. To dip the banana slices, place the slices on a spoon and dip the spoon in the melted chocolate. Set the dipped fruit on a baking sheet covered with wax paper and let it sit until the chocolate hardens.

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