Who Buys Used Books?

College students can sell used textbooks to campus bookstores and recover some of the cost, while other bookstores buy rare and out-of-print books.

Who Buys Used Books?
Used books may have a well-worn sheen from generations of readers or may be recent textbooks used for college classes that are not needed past the end of a semester. Many used books are purchased to save money, to obtain an out-of-print book or to decrease the cost of education.
College Bookstores
Most college bookstores buy used textbooks and references used for classes, as long as the textbooks will be used for future classes. Off-campus bookstores that cater to college students also purchase used textbooks.
Online Buyers
Many avid readers use online services such as half.com or amazon.com's used-book services to locate books by their favorite author at a discount or to find books that are no longer in print.
Book collectors typically look for rare books in good condition or first-edition signed copies to add to their collection.
Used-Book Stores
Used-book stores buy and sell used books as a business. Some of these stores may sell used books online and in a physical storefront.
Bargain Hunters
Shoppers at flea markets, garage sales, consignment stores and charity stores such as Goodwill buy used books for inexpensive entertainment or to assist in others in their moneymaking endeavors.