Career Ideas for Animal Lovers

Working with animals can be the perfect job for those who love animals. From veterinarians to circus trainers, careers engaging with animals can be found everywhere you turn.

Career Ideas for Animal Lovers
A love of animals that begins in childhood and is nurtured into adulthood can lead to a career. Finding a career for animal lovers is not a huge undertaking in America because animals are so deeply ingrained into the country's consciousness. From taking care of pets to helping at zoos to taking part in the entertainment side of the animal business, career choices exist for nearly every interest.
The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus and other traveling circuses draw crowds when they travel. For an animal lover, the circus presents a wealth of opportunities. You could become part of the show by training lions, tigers and bears, or work behind the scenes caring for and feeding elephants and horses. Circuses also need traveling vets to make sure the animals stay healthy and are treated well.
Pet Psychics
Some pet owners consult people who say they can communicate their pet's thoughts and needs to them. People who seek out a pet psychic are looking for a professional opinion on how to better care for their animals. Anyone with a profound understanding of animal needs may be able to work as a pet psychic.
Dog Walker
Some dog owners can't get home from their jobs or other obligations during the day, so their dogs are penned up inside a house or cramped apartment for hours. Such dog owners need someone to walk their dogs so the dog can relieve its bodily functions and get exercise. Being a dog walker allows animal lovers to be around dogs and supply a much-needed service, and it's also good exercise.
Animal Trainer
Some movies and TV shows use animals, and in this field an animal lover can carve out a career with some of the smartest animals around. This job cries out for a real animal lover because of the pressure on animals to perform and the expense involved. Animal Behavior College is one institution that specializes in teaching people how to train dogs.
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