Beginning an Acting Career

Starting an acting career can be as simple as just being discovered or as complicated as taking years of acting lessons and going to hundreds of auditions. But the steps needed to become an actor are a bit different than those for many other career paths.

Beginning an Acting Career
Many professions have a "set in stone" path to follow. You are trained and then you enter the work force. Beginning an acting career is much different.
Decide whether to take formal acting classes or training. Many higher education institutions offer drama or theatrics instruction. You will also need to consider if you are going to begin this career locally or if you will relocate. When you are starting out, either location should give you a variety of options.
Starting Out
Get experience. Audition for local productions, plays and commercials. Even the smallest of towns present opportunities through community colleges, drama clubs, theaters and cable television stations.

Prepare a resume. Include information on classes you have taken and your acting experience. Attach a head shot to your resume.

As an actor you not only have the potential to have a lifelong, rewarding career; but you can also have a real impact on others lives through your art. Even if you stay close to home, you will be entertaining thousands of people during your career. Of course, there is always the potential of being discovered by a big-time agent, producer or director. You may end up in Hollywood or New York City starring in a blockbuster movie.
Time Frame
As an actor, you don't punch the clock every day and retire at the age of 65. Acting requires work at unusual hours. You may have extended periods when you are out of work.
Not every actor will make it to Hollywood and not every actor will be a household name. Don't plan on "being discovered" and becoming rich and famous. You do not need that to have a fulfilling career. A common misconception is that all actors need an agent or manager. Especially in the beginning of your career, think long and hard before obtaining either. Concentrate on your art of acting, have passion in what you do, and enjoy yourself.
Devise your Acting Career Path