Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

Making a birthday gift yourself adds a personal touch you can't buy at any store. If you're looking for great gift ideas, consider starting in your kitchen or your own backyard. Your heartfelt homemade gift will be appreciated!

Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas
Birthday gifts can get costly, especially if you have a large social circle or family. Try giving gifts that cost very little money and are made especially by you. Homemade gifts are not only more personal, but are often valued higher by the receiver.
Cookie Mix In A Jar
If you know your friend's favorite cookies, find a yummy recipe and measure all the dry ingredients out and layer them into a quart jar (flour on the bottom, then the sugar, and so forth, ending with chocolate chips on top). Print out the recipe with the remaining ingredients that need to be added, such as eggs and vanilla, along with baking instructions and attach to jar with a pretty bow.
Garden Rocks
Find and wash a rock that could easily be painted with a ladybug or flower design (or anything else that you wish) and give it to your friend who has a very green thumb. Craft paints and foam brushes are all that are needed to accomplish this fun gift.
Food Storage Gifts
Keep fun dinner ideas available for those last minute birthday gifts. For example, a package of spaghetti noodles and a can of ready-to-serve spaghetti sauce tied together with some fun ribbon is always a hit.
Sock Animals
All kids love stuffed animals and they can easily be made with old socks, some quilt batting, buttons, and your sewing machine. Just stuff the sock full of batting, use two large buttons for the eyes (small buttons can be used to form a mouth), and sew the ends together.
Friendship Bracelets
Teenage girls love to make friendship bracelets and give them to all their friends. With just a few different colors of embroidery floss and scissors, they can custom make all the colorful bracelets they want in no time at all and for very little money.
Fleece Blankets
Fleece blankets are simple to make and they do not require any sewing. Just buy the fleece of your choice, measure and cut pairs of thin strips about 6" long on the edge of the material for fringe. Tie two strips into a firm knot. You will then have a ruffled fleece blanket that took less then twenty minutes to make!
50 Homemade Gift Ideas