Birthday Cake Ideas for Women

Need cake decorating ideas for a special lady in your life? Birthday cakes for women can be frilly and pretty or simple and sleek, but most often they are beautiful designs. Find the right one can be a snap!

What is a birthday, without a birthday cake? You have so many choices when it comes to birthday cakes, limited only by your imagination and, of course, your wallet. Women might not admit it, but most like the cake as much as the presents. You can always buy a traditional round or rectangular cake from a local supermarket bakery for her, but there are so many other options.
Photo Cakes
Transfer a photograph that has special meaning to her onto a cake. Many bakeries offer this option, but you can also do it yourself using edible ink and paper.
Cakes With Special Shapes
Cakes come in almost any shape you can imagine, from high heels for the woman who loves shoes, to a watering can for the avid gardener. If you are making the cake yourself and do not know how to sculpt, specialty food and baking shops offer a variety of cake molds.
Cakes With Fun Flavors
Don't get into a rut, making only plain chocolate or vanilla cakes. Hollow out the center and put in her favorite fruit filling or use that filling between cake layers. Or, after making the cake, pour her favorite liquor (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) over the cake and let it soak in for the full flavor.
Milestone Cakes
For a sweet 16 cake, a cell phone cake or a car cake is perfect. For age 21 you could use a champagne bottle cake, and for 50 you could decorate her cake with red hats and purple dresses, as she is now eligible to join the Red Hat Society.
"If you are ordering a cake, please remember to order it well ahead of time. People often call up and want a masterpiece made in the next hour. That's not going to happen," says Anna Kelly, award-winning cake and pastry designer.
Tasty Foto Art: edible inks and paper
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