Coffee House Kitchen Decor

Coffee houses can be some of the most comfortable spaces to enjoy a beverage, so why not model your interior design after these cozy places? Decorate your kitchen with the accoutrements of your favorite coffee shop and settle in to enjoy a cup of java!

Coffee House Kitchen Decor
There's a reason there has been an explosion of coffee shops in America over the past decade or so. It's not necessarily just the coffee and teas that draw fans. People love the comfort of coffee shops. Vintage wall hangings, nickel-plated espresso makers and flowery aprons make us feel we're at home, or at a grandparent's house, at least. Designing your kitchen to resemble a coffee house isn't impersonal at all. In fact, it's probably a great way to make the most trafficked room in your house a cozy, welcoming place.
Cool Beans
One classic coffee shop look is lining shelves with old jars and clear containers. You can stash anything in them for a homey feel. Buy vintage jars from flea markets or eBay. Fill with coffee beans, whole or ground. Using different blends will give you slightly different shades in each jar.
Teapots are a collector's favorite. You can buy them new at stores like Target or go for a more retro look at Fishs Eddy. For those who appreciate true vintage, pick up used pots at estate sales. And for more discerning tastes, online stores like have original, handmade work in ceramics, metals and woods.
Three's Company
When decorating with tchotchkes (Yiddish for ornament or bric-a-brac) like vintage boxes of Brillo (colorful yet tasteful) or retro-style coffee mugs, using three or five of a kind looks much more organized than using one of many different items. Odd numbers also work better than even numbers. If you have your eye on a set of glass vases, it's okay to use two of one color and three of another color. Five different colors can look chaotic.
Crowd's Allowed
When decorating with one of a kind items like tea cozies or antique scoops, it's probably not likely you'll find more than one of the same kind. In fact, why would you want to? Hanging similar items in different sizes together can look homey and classy at the same time.
Tea Cozies
Etsy Teapots
Coffee Mugs
Fishs Eddy