Coffee Making Equipment

Different types of coffee drinks require different types of coffee making equipment. Before you spend hundreds on coffee equipment you don't need, research your coffee supply needs and make an informed decision.

Coffee Making Equipment
There are many types of coffee making equipment available. The differences in each machine's brewing process makes a large impact on the variations of flavor.
Automatic Drip
The automatic drip is the most common coffee maker in the average household and it comes in different sizes to suit the need of its user's demands. Hot water is dripped over ground coffee beans to produce a full-flavored coffee.
The vacuum coffee maker was widely used between 1920 and 1950, before paper filters were available. It is still found in the homes of avid coffee lovers and is known to brew an exceptionally clean cup of coffee through vapor pressure and vacuum.
The percolator is a generally undesirable coffee maker as its process involves boiling the coffee and running the water through the grounds several times. This process tends to strip the flavor from the coffee beans that other coffee makers preserve well.
French Press
The French Press is a simple coffee maker that was created in the 1930s. It produces a very thick and flavorful coffee through a process of straining the coffee with the use of a plunger that separates the grounds from the coffee.
All In One
All-in-one coffee machines are designed to both brew coffee and to make espresso. They also provide hot water for other drinks such as cocoa and tea.
Coffee grinders produce freshly ground coffee for a fresh tasting coffee that is preferred. They come in different forms, bladed and burr, to produce a specific type of grind.
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