What Sleeping Positions Are Good During Pregnancy?

Sleeping during pregnancy can be a challenge, but finding the right position is the key to a restful night. You may have to be creative, but your health and your baby's health require giving some thought to the position in which you sleep.

What Sleeping Positions Are Good During Pregnancy?
During pregnancy, you probably feel extra tired. Maybe you want to take advantage of your time for sleep now, knowing that when your little one arrives you will lose some precious hours of shut-eye. The problem is, sometimes sleep doesn't come easily to pregnant women. Read on for some tips on sleeping positions that will help you rest easily during this time.
Side Sleeping
Sleeping on your side is probably going to be the most comfortable option during pregnancy. Sleeping on your left side is particularly beneficial, due to the placement of the baby and placenta. According to Pregnancy.org, "Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby."
Sleeping on Your Back
Sleeping on your back may have been your pre-pregnancy routine, but you should avoid it during pregnancy. Sleeping on your back during pregnancy can cause discomfort and even health problems.
Sleeping on Your Stomach
Sleeping on your stomach simply does not work during pregnancy. Your enlarged abdomen makes it nearly impossible for you to position yourself that way comfortably.
Using pillows to support various parts of your body can greatly help with sleeping comfortably. A large body pillow or different small pillows can cushion your knees and your abdomen, making you sleep more easily.
Other Pregnancy Issues That Affect Sleep
Pregnancy brings with it a load of other issues that can interfere with sleep. If heartburn or acid reflux are problems, for instance, prop yourself up to sleep, or sleep in a chair or recliner.
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