Decorations for Baby Shower Cakes

A baby shower is an important time in an expectant mother's life. The baby shower cake can be decorated to both look nice and serve a purpose afterward. Bottles, baby rattles and pacifiers are all common ideas used to decorate a cake. They can be washed afterward and saved for when the baby arrives. If you're looking for a cake that's a bit more creative, consider the following ideas to add style to any baby shower cake.
Plastic baby blocks can be used to spell out the child's name. A party store may carry these blocks with small sticks for pushing them into the cake. If you use larger blocks, they can be placed on top of the cake. If they're too big, or don't fit in with the other decorations, place them in front of the cake and spell out the baby's name. This is a quick way to add decorations without covering them in icing. Do not give the blocks to a baby unless they are large enough the child cannot choke on them.
Rubber ducks are simple to wash and add cheer to any cake. Decorate the cake with blue and white icing. You can create the appearance of waves or water, and add white soap bubbles. The plastic ducks can be added to the corners of the cake or set up in a line. Buy three or four rubber ducks in various sizes and place them from largest to smallest, making it appear as if they are swimming along. The new baby will appreciate the ducks when it's bath time. Make sure the smallest duck is still large enough so the baby can't swallow it and choke.
Reading to a baby will make him happy and encourage reading on his own as he grows older. Various plastic baby books (known as board books) are available from book and baby stores. They are created out of a plastic material to hold up against chewing, which means they will hold up just fine against icing. Spell out the ABCs in icing, and display an open book on top of the cake. Baby books are small enough to fit, and will serve as both a chew toy and a book as the child grows older.
Other items can be added to a cake for decoration, as long as the icing won't hurt them and they are not small enough for a baby to swallow if they will be given to the child when she is born. Plastic teething rings come in different shapes and sizes and make colorful cake decorations. You can choose one that matches the cake's colors and, if you're the artistic type, use icing to draw a baby chewing on it. Other plastic baby toys can be placed around the cake. These can be used with the block idea in Section 1. A cake could be designed as a toy box, with the plastic toys arranged to look as if they're spilling out from inside.
Baby Shower Cake Decorations