Baby Changing Units

If you choose to incorporate a baby changing table into your nursery design, selecting the right one goes beyond matching the crib. You'll want to check for important safety features as well as convenience options when picking the changing unit.

Baby Changing Units
A diaper changing unit is an important purchase when preparing for a new baby's arrival. There are many choices available to fit any budget and lifestyle. Most changing tables come in a variety of wood finishes and have many storage options. The most common type of changing units are contemporary, sleigh, combination and portable.
Contemporary diaper changing tables are commonly available in a white finish. They are made of hardwood and have rounded arches. These types of tables have open storage shelves below the table. Contemporary changing units are inexpensive and can fit in smaller spaces.
Sleigh Units
Sleigh tables are primarily made in dark wood finishes. They are expensive, solid and sturdy. Sleigh changing units include high guardrails and deep storage drawers. The drawers hold diapers, wipes, clothing and blankets.
Combination diaper tables are made to grow with the child. They usually have more storage drawers than a standard diaper changing table. These changing tables are available in a variety of wood finishes including cherry, walnut, white, black and blond. The changing area can be turned into a dresser top for displaying pictures and toys.
Gender-specific tables are available in bright colors such as pink or blue. They have specific feminine and masculine styles. These types of diaper changing units can have whimsical details including flowers, shapes, cartoon characters and designs.
Portable changing pads can be folded and carried in diaper bags. Another type of portable changing table is a mounted unit found in public restrooms. Small changing tables on wheels are also available.
Baby Changing Tables