How to Make a Baby Backpack

A baby backpack is a great way to transport your baby hands-free, but they can be expensive. Making one yourself will give you the baby carrier you need at a price you'll love!

How to Make a Baby Backpack
Most mothers will agree that a baby backpack is essential baby gear. This carrier offers convenience as it allows you to transport your child wherever you go. It allows your hands to be free so that you can tend to other tasks while it safely holds your baby. Your infant will love the warmth, comfort and security that a baby backpack offers. Although there are many baby backpacks available, it's easy to custom make your own.
Step 1
Select the fabric for your baby backpack. Choose a woven cotton or silk that is fashionable for the outer panel of the backpack. Select a sturdy fabric for the lining of the carrier and the straps. Check that the fabric you select is comfortable for the baby and your skin even in hot weather.
Step 2
Cut the woven cotton fabric into two pieces that measure 20 inches long by 23 inches wide. If your baby is small or you are petite, change this measurement to 18 by 20 inches. These pieces are the inner and outer panels of the backpack.
Step 3
Cut two bottom waist straps measuring between 22 and 32 inches long and about 5 inches wide. Cut the shoulder straps measuring 40 to 60 inches long to 5 to 9 inches wide. These are approximate measurements and you may need to adjust them depending on your size.
Step 4
Hem all the sides of each strap evenly but leave a short side unfinished. Iron your straps flat.
Step 5
Place your waist straps 1 inch above the lower edge of the body panel so that they are aligned at a 90-degree angle to this edge. Use pins to attach your waist straps to the right side of the outer panel of the carrier.
Step 6
Position your two shoulder straps diagonally at the upper corners of your backpack. Pin the shoulder straps into place.
Step 7
Pin the inner body panel of the baby backpack to the right side of the outside panel. Sew along all four sides of the panel, but leave one opening for turning. The straps of your carrier should be tucked securely between the inner and outer panel. Reinforce your stitching with a reverse zigzag stitch which will provide more security to the panels.
Step 8
Turn your backpack over. Iron your carrier flat. Use a top-stitch around your backpack, to give your carrier a decorative touch and a professional finish. Use a cross stitch at each corner of the straps to reinforce them.
Tie all straps securely when worn. Check that knots are tied properly and check that they are still secure as you do tasks throughout the day.
Tie all straps securely when worn. Check that knots are tied properly and check that they are still secure as you do tasks throughout the day.
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