5 Unique Adventure-Learning Vacations
Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut? What about a gladiator? In this episode of Tour & Explore, we take a look at some truly out-of-the-box vacations. Jacqu
Special Needs Kids Find Joy on Football Field
At a high school near Atlanta, a compassionate football coach is making a difference for kids with special needs by giving them a chance to take part in a team
Fla. Teen Saves Drowning Newlywed
A honeymooner who nearly lost his life when he was caught in a rip current meets the teen you saved him.
Unexpected Thanks for Good Deeds
We’re taught in school that doing the right thing when faced with an ethical dilemma should be a reward in and of itself. But it turns out that sometimes good d
Teacher Heroes Show Amazing Courage
In the face of great danger, these teachers took big risks to protect their students.
Rare Manuscript Found in Garage May Fetch Huge Sum
A cardboard soup box in a Bury, England garage held an 18th century Jewish manuscript that is expected to sell for six figures. As reported by BBC News, interes
Eat Like a Local at these Culinary Hot Spots
You don’t need to stamp up your passport to sample some of the world’s best ethnic food; America is a nation of immigrants, bursting with mouth-watering interna
3-D Print Your House
3-D printers have been used to make guns, shoes and even prosthetic limbs, but now two architecture firms hope to print the world's first livable homes.
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