Dog owner 3D-prints halo to help his blind dog avoid head trauma | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News

When an 18-year-old dog named Sienna lost her eyesight, she started colliding into door frames and walls. Her owner, Chad Lalande, feared she might suffer from head trauma as a result, which is why he harnessed the power of his brand-new 3D printer to create prototypes of a device known as a “blind dog halo” in order to help Sienna. This device is designed to help dogs with vision problems get around, acting as a bumper that fits around a dog’s head. When the furry creature runs into something, the halo will hit it first and keep the head protected. Blind dog halos tend to be quite pricy, but by using the 3D-printer and two software programs (Lightwave 3d and Cura), Lalande could cut costs and design a halo perfectly suited for Sienna. 

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What do you think?

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